Sale preparation and value optimisation

  • Identification and description of the ‘edge’ of the company
  • Normalisation of earnings
  • Description of earnings
  • EBITDA analysis
  • Working capital and interest-bearing debt analyses
  • Implementation of value-adding initiatives
  • Valuation of the company

A sale preparation and value optimisation process comprises optimisation of the profitability and cash flow of the enterprise to make the assets as visible as possible. Similarly, the development opportunities should be identified and supported by budgets and business plans.

We add value to the case through active partner involvement and participation in the structuring and completion of the case.

The process provides answers to questions such as:

  • Assessment of the strategy of the enterprise going forward
  • Probability – Validity – Risks
  • What is the amount of the normalised earnings of the Company?
  • How do the earnings break down on products and customers?
  • Is the amount of capital tied up optimum compared to the market?
  • Can the interest-bearing debt be optimised?

One step in the process is to identify the factors which affect the value in order to then calculate an indicative value of the whole enterprise or particular units.

The work is documented in a report which may form the basis not only of the company’s own considerations but can also be used in a dialogue with potential buyers, investors and banks.

The report may also give rise to considerations about the tax affairs and structure of the Company.

A process to prepare the company for a sale and optimise its value will result in a higher value as a result of an increased cash flow through earnings as well as capital structure optimisation.


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