Corporate Finance – mergers and acquisitions

  • Valuation
  • Preparation of information material
  • Identification of buyers via networks
  • Structuring of and participation in acquisition and sales negotiations
  • Assessment of offers strategy/counter acquisition strategy
  • Data room set-up and management

A well-planned sales process results in a higher value, improved conditions for the transaction as well as a quicker and smoother process.

The team of transaction specialists at inforevision works exclusively with the acquisition and sale of enterprises and related services.

We add value to the case through active partner involvement and participation in the structuring and completion of the case.

We offer competent advice and will steer the company safely through the process; right from the initial valuation to preparation of sales material, identification of potential acquirers/sellers and negotiations of price, terms, etc.

Our strengths within Corporate Finance:

  • We have extensive experience from a wide range of domestic and international transactions, which means that our consultancy assistance is based on solid experience
  • We have a broad network in Denmark, but also internationally through our co-operative partner UHY. A major part of the transactions we have been involved in have been cross-border transactions


Thomas Barslund
Partner, Stateauthorized accountant
Tel. +45 39 53 50 75

Bo Risom Jensen
Tel. +45 39 53 50 14