Financial Reporting


Annually a financial report has to be published with regards to private and public limited companies. The Danish Financial Statements Act is Danish accounting legislation is extensively based on the international accounting standards (IAS/IFRS), however there are many dissimilarities.In info revision a/s we can assist you with the reporting both when it comes to preparation of the books, preparation of the financial report and we will advise you how to improve quality on your financial reporting. We ensure that the financial reporting meets the highest relevant standard both nationally and internationally.


Besides our own quality objectives, the audit must be conducted in accordance with Danish auditing standards (RS), which are essentially adopted international auditing standards(ISA) published by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Subject to audit are almost all public and private limited companies. Very small companies with a turnover less than DKK. 8.000.000, are no longer subject to audit in Denmark.Many of these companies continue however to have their financial report audited or have chosen to have their financial reports reviewed by us.We have developed our own audit program, that ensures our audit being performed with high quality and with focus set on business issues.Hereby our customers receive value added service.