Business Services

At inforevision we offer solutions for almost any administrative need. We handle payrolls, staffing, interim services and a lot more that will enable you to target your primary tasks efficiently.

Use inforevision as important “security messure” in your initial startup period. By doing so you’ll avoid costly experiments and you can keep all your cost flexible and you can grow with a maximum of ROI. Later on we will help you build your own staff and achieve lower costs as soon as your business have grabbed the market and you can focus on the longer term perspective.

We offer all our experience and we can quote your needs with high degree of reliability so you can have a clear view at all times.

Pay Roll Administration

It’s about staying safe and flexible!

By outscourcing administrative tasks of your pay roll procedures, you will autmatically stay up to date on the (ever)changing laws and you avoid unnecessary dependencies on individuals. Info handles pay roll administration for a lot of different companies in a great variety of business areas. Often we can simplfy excisting procedures and save you time and money. We know and use most of the IT systems available.

Pay Roll and salaries is a sensitive area for many involved, because every detail must fit. Payment must be correct and on time and moreover salaries in Denmark, as in many other countries, is confidential information. As a result of that, it is often a small number of key personel being responsible. This again can cause problems in case of illness, hollidays and resignments.

Keeping up to date, here, is a challange and not doing so can prove costly.


Be it resignments, notifications or (compassionate)leaves Info steps in as qualified help.

We offer this service on short or longer term at all levels of the financial dept. On short notice we can become a natural part of your company for the time needed.

Every company has struggled with administrative procedures in such situations. You can avoid much of this time consuming waste of energy by entering an aggreement with inforevision.